Sunday, December 31, 2017


At the end of this novel, the reader learns that (in an ironic turn of events) Jocelyn is killed is a horrific accident.  This broke a part of me.  As I said before, I got attached to this character from the start, so you can imagine how difficult this loss was for me.

I am not the type of person who gets emotional easily.  In fact, I grew up with the mentality "crying shows weakness" so I have become a master at masking my emotions.  However, that was an impossible task when I read about Jocelyn's tragic fate.  I mourned her death more than some passed relatives of mine.  I felt like I had lost a dear friend when I read those passages, and those wounds cut deep

Not only did I cry for Jocelyn, but more so for Scott and Ian.  When Jocelyn died, it was like a part of Scott died too.  The agony he must has felt in losing his soulmate is unimaginable.  And then there is Ian.  He is just a small child.  He cannot comprehend what has happened.  He does not understand how his life has forever changed.  Scott and Ian have a long road of recovery ahead of them, but I know they will learn to find peace and happiness in once another.

Now I want to share my theory as to what will happen next.

Alright, so we learn that Scott is now a single father and Elle is a recently divorced woman.  After the friendship that formed between Jocelyn and Elle, it is safe to assume that they learned a lot about one another.  It also becomes clear that Scott read all of the correspondence between the two friends after Jocelyn's death.  This would mean that he would also learn a lot about Elle.  When Scott and Elle meet in the final scene of the book, Scott gives Elle the necklace he had given Jocelyn as a sign of appreciation for all that she did for his wife.  I believe that this small act could be the start of something bigger.  Yes, I realize that Jocelyn has just passed away and that another woman is the last thing on Scott's mind, but just hear me out.  

I know a man who who lost his wife and had to carry on raising a four year old daughter.  The man did everything he could to provide a good life for his daughter, and did so for three years on his own.  Then one day he met a woman from across town.  Their connection was instant.  The man had never considered the possibility of falling in love again until it happened.  The woman was kind and caring to not only the man, but his daughter as well.  The man noticed that the woman loved his daughter as her own, and he knew that he had to marry her.  The couple has now been married for over 17 years, and have lived happily raising their daughter into a proud independent woman.

The reason I tell this story is because I see a happy future in Scott, Ian, and even Elle's future.  It may not be the perfect scenario, but sometimes life is filled with what seems like endless obstacles.  All we can do is take heart and have faith in the fact that everything happens for a reason.


Sunday, December 24, 2017

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