Monday, January 01, 2018

Book Review Rating Scale

My reviewing strategy is based on many different factors.  The author's writing style as well as the novel's basis, plot, and development are all the general make up of my ratings.  With each review, I give a brief synopsis of the book and follow up with my comments and opinions.  Below is the official Blonde with Books rating scale:

5 Stars (★):  AMAZING! I loved this book so much and will probably read it many more times in the future.  This rating is only bestowed upon books that are truly fantastic works of literature.  These books receive multiple recommendations on my social media accounts.

4 Stars (★☆):  Great!  I enjoyed reading this book.  It captured my attention and refused to let go.  These books will likely receive recommendations on my social media accounts.

3 Stars (★☆):  Good!  I was pleased with this book for the most part.  Although there may be some aspects that I do not like, that does not mean that these books should not be read.  However, these books will rarely receive a recommendation from my social accounts.

2 Stars ():  Okay.  I did not like this book.  It did not hold my attention, have a pleasing story-line, or was not well written.  These books do not receive a recommendation.

1 Star ():  Poor.  I hated this book and had to force myself to finish it.  It had a terrible story-line and was not worth my time.  These books will never get a recommendation.  Depending on how bad a particular book is, I may advise my followers to avoid it.


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