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5 Bookish Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for bookish date ideas for Valentine's Day?  Congratulations!  Your search is over.  There are hundreds of different things you can do with your special someone, but I have narrowed that list down to five of the best date ideas for book lovers.

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1. Adventure Between the Pages

Take a spontaneous vacation or road trip that pertains to a book or series.  Travel to the beach like the one where Peeta gave Katniss the beautiful pearl or hike in the mountains like where the Cullens hide from the world.  Go on an adventure with the one you love and write your own story.

2. Literary Themed Dinner

Grab the Butterbeer and Pumpkin Pasties!  Transport your date to Hogwarts, Narnia, or even Caraval.  Transform your home into the world of your date's favorite book or series.  Your special someone will appreciate the thoughtfulness that is put into this extravagant gesture, and you get to enjoy a nice meal together.

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3. Movie Marathon

Grab all of the movie adaptation of your favorite books and binge watch them all!  Discuss what you think of the adaptation and how it would be better related to the book.  For bonus points, set up a home blanket fort movie theater.  To learn how to make a smartphone movie projector, click here.

4. Read Together

Pick a book that you both enjoy and read it together.  You can read it aloud to each other or silently.  After every few chapters or so, stop and discuss what has taken place.  If you have not read the book before, make predictions on what you think will happen next.  And if time prevents you from finishing the book with your lover in one day, spend an entire weekend reading together.

5. Shop. Swap. Sip.

Go to your special someone's favorite bookstore or library.  Each of you browse the titles and select something that you think would be a good read.  After purchasing or checking out your books, SWITCH!  Give your partner the book you chose and take the one your partner chose.  Then, go to a local café and read while enjoying your favorite hot beverage (I suggest a White Chocolate Mocha).  Alternatively, you and your valentine can  visit your favorite bookstore or library and place kind, positive notes in all of your favorite books for future readers.  This random act of kindness will spread joy throughout the book loving community while producing a fun date in the process.  Afterwards, hit the café for coffee or tea.

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Hopefully, one of these five will help you show your special booknerd how much you appreciate and love them.  And if you plan your bookish date, only to realize that you did not get a gift, I can help with that as well.  My good friend and author Christine Rees has put together 6 Valentine's Day Ideas for Book Lovers!

❤ Happy Valentine's Day 


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  1. I adore this! Such great and creative bookish date ideas.
    Happy (early) Valentine's Day!