Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Brief Encounters by Scarlett Hopper

Eleanor Ivy is not one of those typical cookie-cutter characters.  She is sarcastic, snarky, secretive, and a bit cynical.  Shoot, she has more issues than Cosmopolitan.  And when it comes to the charming hockey star, Jess Parker, she cannot help but feel the walls guarding her heart and her secrets beginning to crack.  Deep down, she knows that she should not be catching feelings for this guy.  After all, how could he possibly fall for a girl with so much baggage?

Eleanor has spent most of her life as a runner.  She is an avid believer in running away from your problems.  After her mother's death, she left her old life behind fled to New York City.  With no money, in a new city, with a new identity, Eleanor met Vivian, a vivacious blonde with a unique job offer.  This job may be slightly unorthodox, but at least it pays the bills and tuition.

Jess Parker on the other hand, is as carefree as they come.  He is the handsome 'it guy' of Breslin University that ever girl on campus wants to date.  Too bad this cocky womanizer wants more of a no-strings-attached kind of relationship.

Eleanor and Jess are partnered for an English assignment and develop a close friendship.  As the months pass, Eleanor can feel herself slowly letting Jess in.  She is becoming aware that she is letting him see the vulnerable side of her that, until now, only Vivian knew existed.  She is falling for him, but she knows that she can never truly be with him if she is still carrying her dark secrets.  Eleanor must choose to either tell Jess the truth and open herself up to him completely, or push him away and bury her feelings once again.

One word...wow.  Just wow.  Despite Eleanor's many flaws, I could not help but like her.  She has always felt like her past defines who she is as a person, and I truly feel for her.  I believe whole-heartedly that people can change, and 'Ellie' is no different.  As for Jess, I honestly did not like him in the beginning.  I would roll my eyes every time he would smirk in Ellie's direction.  I have met too many guys like Jess in my life, and reading about a tool like that was not enjoyable.  However, as the book progressed, I got to see a softer side to Jess Parker.  I learned that there was more to him than a crooked grin and chiseled abs.

This entire book was a roller coaster ride of drama!  One minute you think that things are finally starting to look up, then WHAM! Blindsided by more drama.  I wish I could elaborate on some of the juicier details, but I would hate to spoil this incredible book.  Most of my keen followers know that I typically do not go for the romance genre, but for Brief Encounters, I am willing to make an exception.  This is definitely a must read for 2018!

My Advanced Readers Copy was given to me by Scarlett Hopper in exchange for an honest review.  I am not entitled to any compensation for this review.  If you would like to preorder a copy of Brief Encounters, click here.

Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Publication Date: March 7, 2018
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent  Publishing
ISBN: 1545493812

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