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Furyborn by Claire Legrand

Where do I even begin to describe Furyborn?  If I am being sincere, I highly anticipated this book, and was thrilled when I found out that I was going to be getting a copy.  I could not wait to start reading.  The day I received it in the mail, I sat down and eagerly began to read.  My first day, I read a seventeen chapters, and the story continued to decline with each passing page.  From then on, I practically had to force myself to keep reading.

It took me a total of four weeks to read this book.  FOUR WEEKS!  That never happens to me and it put me way being schedule.  I wish I could say that there was more substance to this story, but that simply is not the case.  Honestly, I do not understand all of the hype that has surrounded this book thus far.  Every review I have read talks about how wonderful this book is, but I do not see what those readers do.

Granted, there are some things that I thought were interesting.  Take all of the Elementals and the Queens' abilities.  While the Elementals possessed one power that corresponded with the natural elements, the Blood and Sun Queen possessed the 'Power of the Seven' which means that they were able to harness all seven Elemental abilities.  It reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender that I used to watch as a child.  So yeah, I like the idea of being able to shape water to bend at will or to spark a blazing fire out of nothing.  It was the storyline itself that disappointed me.

 "May the Queen's light guide you home.

-The Sun Queen's Prayer

Rielle Dardenne is put in the hot seat after she uses multiple elemental abilities in order to save her best friend (and future king of Celdaria) Audric from a group of assassins.  Since having more than one ability was unprecedented, Audric's father, King Bastien did not know what to make of Rielle.  All of Caldaria knew of the long foretold prophecy of the Queens who would possess the power of the seven.  Only one question remained: Was Rielle the Sun Queen, their protector, or the Blood Queen, their destroyer?

Eliana Ferracora, the "Dread of Orline" is Lord Arkelion's personal trained assassin.  She kills citizens trying to escape from the Undying Empire with the assistance of the Red Crown, a rebel group determined to not let Orline turn to ruin without a fight.  She welcomed violence in order to protect and provide for her family, but the crazy part is that she was insanely good at it.  She hadden had gotten comfortable with her lifestyle until her mother is taken in the dead of night.  In order to save her family, Eliana must switch sides and work with a leader of the Red Crown, Wolf.

 Rielle and Eliana are living 1,000 years apart.  They have very distinct personalities, lifestyles, and motivations.  Its one of those - the good girl is really bad and the bad girl is really good - kind of deals.  And their stories alternate throughout the book.

 "The seven saints combined their powers and opened a doorway into the Deep with wind and water, with metal and fire, with shadow and earth.  And when Saint Katell, last of all, let fly her blazing, sunlit sword, the angels fell screaming into eternal darkness.

-The Book of the Saints

Readers will learn early on that Rielle, Prince Audric, and Ludivine grew up together and are best friends.  The kicker is that Audric and Ludivine have been betrothed since birth.  The two are also cousins.  First cousins.  Ughhh...incest much?  On top of that, Rielle is actually in love with Audric.  That relationship triangle in itself was exhausting.

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As for Eliana, I really did not like her character.  She was arrogant, careless, and uses her body to get what she wants.  What are we trying to say here?  That it is acceptable to sell your body for personal gain?  No. Wrong answer.  Also, I get that Eliana is a cold-hearted  assassin with her seven blades she carries on her person, but is it really necessary to give each weapon a name?  Arabeth, Whistler, Tempest, Nox, Tuora, etc.  WHY?!  If I have to make a list of all of the characters in a single novel, then you have gone too far in the naming process.  

Although many of the things that I have listed are literary sins in my opinion, the worst part of it was the hanging of a child.  At one point early on in the book, Eliana is responsible for the hanging of a child of about seven years old.  I understand that the death of a child is crucial for some books in order to propel the plot forward and change the main characters.  The Maze Runner, Les Misérables, Lord of the Flies, etc.  Truly, I understand it.  However, in this case a child's death resulted in absolutely nothing.  The plot was not affected in any way.  That is what I have a problem with.  Why on Earth would someone pointlessly write the the death of an innocent child and have the protagonist as the responsible party?

Now, I know it seems like I have done nothing but bash this book, but I do admire Claire Legrand's writing style.  The way she writes is fluid and elegant (aside from the name game she had going).  This is the first of her books that I have read, but I would be lying if I said I would not read any of her other books, past or future.  She is an incredibly talented author, I simply did not enjoy this particular book.

"In these dark times, not even the light of the Sun Queen is as powerful as the light waiting inside our deepest hearts, if we only have the courage to look for it."

-The Word of the Prophet

My Advanced Readers Copy was given to me by a friend with connections to FIREreads, and I have provided an honest review based on opinions that are entirely my own.  I am not entitled to any compensation for this review.  If you would like to preorder a copy of Furyborn, click here.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Publication Date: May 22, 2018
Publisher: SourceBooks Fire
ISBN: 1492656623


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