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The adventures of Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson continues in this fun tale as they travel across Europe in the hopes of finding Charlotte's uncle who disappeared under suspicious circumstances.  This sequel to A Study in Charlotte is unlike any Sherlock Holmes adaptation that I have read.  Sherlockians will find it interesting to see a Holmes and Moriarty working so closely together.  Some may think Charlotte Holmes is better suited to work with a Moriarty rather than her Watson.

Over holiday break, Charlotte and Jamie spend time with one another's family.  It seemed like a good idea at the start, until Charlotte's mother is poisoned along with the disappearance of her uncle, Leandor.  Charlotte's father, Alistair Holmes, then decided to send his daughter and Jamie to Belgium under the protection of his son, Milo.

Later, Charlotte and Jamie discover that the presumed dead, August Moriarty, has been assigned to help Milo protect them.  Although Charlotte makes several attempts to show her friend that August's intentions are good, Jamie is still weary of the descendant of Sherlock Holmes's mastermind nemesis, Professor James Moriarty.  Gradually, Jamie begins to trust August as the trio make their way through Europe.  They each take on different personas as they infiltrate an art forgery ring that is run by August's siblings, Hadrian and Phillipa Moriarty.

This book did not thrill me as much as its predecessor, but it was still entertaining.  ASiC seemed to have a more appealing storyline than TLoA, even while taking all of the action that took place in the dark allies of Belgium into consideration.  TLoA was simply lacking the WOW-factor that I know could have achieved.  It had so much potential after the way ASiC concluded.  I kind of feel let down with this book.   However, I liked seeing the romance between Holmes and Watson try to spark.  This pair is adorable in my opinion, but as Charlotte struggles to fully give herself over to her feelings for Jamie, I cannot stop my heart from breaking slightly for them.   I will also say that I enjoy Cavallaro's writing style.  I can hear Watson's sarcastic comments and Holmes's distantly cold calculations through each of their respective narratives.  Overall, I believe that The Last of August is a decent read.  I honestly think that the next novel in the series will be better.  Hopefully this book was like the Order of the Phoenix of the Charlotte Holmes series.

If you would like to learn more about Brittany Cavallaro or purchase a copy of The Last of August, click here.

Genre: Young Adult Mystery-Thriller
Publication Date: February 14, 2017
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
ISBN: 0062398946


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