My name is Alexandrea and I am originally from a small town in North Carolina, USA.  After years of taking suggestions for my 'To Be Read' or TBR list from various review blogs, and being thoroughly disappointed, I decided to create a book review blog of my own.  Through this site, I plan on giving prospective readers an insight into the adventures my review books entail.  I want readers to get an accurate feeling of whether or not a book is the right fit for them.  Along with my reviews, I blog about various lifestyle and travel ideas that have sparked my interest over the years.  Feel free to browse my site, and do not hesitate to  comment on my posts or follow my blog on Bloglovin'.  You can also follow me on all other social media platforms.  All of my accounts are @BlondewithBooks so its easy to remember!

Welcome to Blonde with Books, and Thank You for Joining the Fun!

'I do not believe in the kind of magic in my books,
but I do believe something very magical happens
when you read a good book.'
J.K. Rowling 

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