Are you an author or publisher looking for a book review or interview?  Fantastic!  That is what Blonde with Books is all about.  Although I would love to accept all propositions that are offered to me, this site is a one-woman operation.  Keeping this in mind, I have put together an informative notice to ensure that no one is disappointed by unrealistic expectations.  

Please read all information thoroughly.


All of my reviews are my honest assessment of a book.  By contacting me for review, you are taking the risk of receiving a negative review.  Although I rarely give a one star rating, the chance is still there.  However, I still try to find something positive to say about those one star ratings, because the authors of those books worked hard on them and deserve a compliment.  For more information about the official Blonde with Books rating scale, click here.

All books reviewed are read cover to cover.  I analyze and factor in every detail of a book into my review.  Every word is important and should be treated as such.

Physical copies and eBooks are accepted.  Books that are given to me for review will be added to my personal library and will not be sold or given to another individual.  NOTE: Physical copies take priority over eBooks, especially when an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) is involved.

Books from self-published authors are encouraged to submit a request.

Almost all genres of books are accepted.  Although my favorites include Young Adult and New Adult (specifically Adventure, Dystopian, Fantasy, and SciFi), I am open to almost anything.  
do not accept Erotica, Horror, or Paranormal genres.

All reviews will be published on any or all of the following: Blonde with Books site, Goodreads, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and NetGalley.  If there are specific websites that you would like your review posted, please let me know.

After reading the notice, please submit requests to with the subject:

Review: Author Name, Book Title or Interview: Author Name, Publisher (if applicable)

And in the message include all of the following:

Author's website
Book's Genre
Publication Date
Is this an ARC? yes or no
What type of book is this? eBook or Physical
Preferable Time Frame for Review to be Published
Book Synopsis
Cover Image (if Available)
Additional Information that I Need to Know

Responses will be delivered in a timely fashion.

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